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Power bank module / Battery charger


Detachable battery | Tactical reload mechanism | Sustainable design | 20W Type-C output

A new form of power bank

A power bank without a battery? that's right, this is no joke

BT-20 was designed based on the idea of flexibility and sustainability, it is capable of turning any flat top 21700/20700/18650 battery into a fully functional power bank, with a fast 20W output




BT-20 is compatible with almost all flat top 21700 batteries

BT-20 is compatible with almost any flat top (without protection cap) Li-ion 21700, 20700 batteries. With an adapter (Available in Add-ons), you can also use the smaller 18650 batteries.

These batteries are very easily accessible in most part of the world, and are commonly used in devices such as vape, flashlight, power bank, power tools, Toys, DIY, etc. They are also used in electric cars and electric bikes. Recycling and reusing Li-ion batteries is a great way to reduce carbon footprint and environmental damage.


We encourage the use of your own batteries (new or recycled) to protect our planet. Thus, we offer a basic pack with no batteries included. 




Out of juice? simply reload your power bank with the press of a single button! BT-20 is symmetrical, it is easy to operate with both hands.


When a fresh battery is loaded, the battery meter will automatically detect and tell its battery level.


Dynamic capacity


A single battery of 5000mAh is enough to fully charge an iPhone 15. Instead of a bulky power bank, with the versatile BT-20 you can carry just what you need.


Ultra Light


uptra compact.jpg

BT-20 only weighs around 38g, and 105g with batteries. Slightly smaller than the size of a credit card, you can easily slide it into your pocket. 




BT-20 can safely charge almost any flat top 21700, 20700 and 18650 batteries with a current of 2.5A. For this, a charger with an output of at least 5V2A is required.

As for output, it can charge iPhone devices with 9V2.2A 20W PD fast charging, and most other devices with 15W-20W fast charging, including protocols QC/PD/PPS/FCP/DCP/AFC/PE. If the device is not compatible with any of these, it can also use the 5V2A 10W standard charging.





The mechanical component of the BT-20 is designed to last for 5000 cycles, providing a service life that can span over 3 years if used 5 times a day.

In addition, BT-20 features an outer casing made of V0 fireproof PC (Polycarbonate), a durable and recyclable material known for its longevity. Furthermore, the gold-plated connectors used in BT-20 offer superior durability compared to conventional Nickel coating, ensuring a longer lifespan.


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